Thursday, June 25, 2015

Idyllwild 2015

As I was walking around suddenly this magical scene appeared. It's the covering for an amphitheater. I was attending "Metals Week" at the Idyllwild Art Center, California.

My friend Risa being instructed how to solder by Carl Stanley, metal arts teacher.
I just love the way this picture captures their concentration.

Monday, June 1, 2015

After vacation Camera Review!

I can not be more pleased with my camera choice. I loved the way this little camera behaved and the pictures it took were terrific. At least I'm pleased with them. Granted I'm still learning all the different functions but using it in automatic mode worked just fine.

Here are some of my favorite shots. 

Quebec, Canada

I know this is a camera blog but here is a word about the pictures above:

The Basilica is a Sanctuary dedicated to Saint Anne. It is only natural then, that the first images which attract our attention would be about Saint Anne.Even if we know very little about the life of Saint Anne, the simple fact of being the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, is sufficient for the Church to recognize and worship her for centuries.The entire ceiling mosaic of the Basilica describes the life of Saint Anne. It tells the story of her life, the life of a Jewish woman in that era. It speaks of her virtues, which by the way should be ours too. The vault also illustrates to us her glorification.At the heart of the apse, just above the main altar, we see Saint Anne, the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus. Saint Anne is giving a fruit to Jesus; which is not just a treat from a grandmother to her grandson, it is a marvelous symbol of His Mission as the Redemptor and Saviour of Humanity. It is not a Fruit of Death, like the fruit that Adam and Eve ate, but a Fruit of Life saving us from original sin.

I'm posting this shot because of the subject!

The camera has trouble with reds, however in this particular shot it seems to have handled it. I've been trying to shoot reds to figure out just how it works, what shade of red does the camera has problems with or what lighting condition etc.

I particularly love this shot because of the movement in the table cloth which carries your eye to his hand then his face, back down to his shoe and out....